Network Administration

Network Solutions

Our comprehensive, life-cycle approach to managing your networks will save you time, money and help solve technology challenges well into the future. Our flexible solution tiers allow you to combine service elements and choose the right level of support for your business.


Network Strategy and Service Initialization - includes consultation, design, implementation and installation of integrated solutions. Monitoring and Management - proactive alarm notification, real-time performance reporting and WAN monitoring with performance measured against firm service level agreements.
Network and Data Security - optimize and protect your network through premise-based solutions, available globally.


  • An integrated network solution
  • Day-to-day management and maintenance
  • Flexibility - adapt quickly to changing business requirements
  • Support for virtually any setup including IP VPNs and MPLS VPNs.
  • Structured Cable Services (Facilities Wire Management)
  • WiFi Design, Management and Installation Service
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Case Studies and White Paper Topics
Pandora's Box Do you have one that you really want to get rid of ?
Why Cloud Power Nice review by Microsoft to help further understand more about cloud services.
VMware Cloud Power You Need to know why you should be using cloud services........great overview
Cisco Secure VPN Explore the details of VPN networks and why Cisco is the best choise to do the job.
22 Point Network Assessment

Our Assessment Check points include:

1.True 24/7 Support

2.Disaster Recovery

3.Business Continuity Planning

4.Virtualization and Replication

5.Server and Workstation Support

6.Application Design

7.Accounting Software Office

8.ERP and CRM

9.Wide Area Networking

10.Local AreaNetworking

11.Wireless Campus Solutions

12.Firewall and IPS Solutions

13.Hardware and Software

14.Lifecycle Management

15.Remote Monitoring

16.Managed Services

17.Data Backup Solutions

18.Content Filtering and Reporting

19.Anti-Malware and Anti-X solutions

20.Email Archival

21.Voice-over IP integration


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